Riester e-scope set (Direct Illumination)(2131-200)

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e-scope® otoscope (direct illumination) and ophthalmoscope set with 2.7v vacuum bulb

e-scope® otoscope with direct illumination:

Sealing precision optics pivotable to both sides with triple magnification for optimum view
Sturdy ear speculum receptacle in hardwearing hygienic metal for e-scope®/ri-scope® L1/L2 speculum
Compatible with ear speculae from other renowned manufacturers
Suitable for performance of pneumatic tests (supplied without connector and insufflator)


Inexpensive basic model with low-reflection direct illumination with a 2.7v vacuum bulb (2500 K)
Suplied with 10 x speculum of varying sizes (2 - 5mm).

e-scope® ophthalmoscope:

Dioptre disc with 18 corrective lenses (+/- 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 dioptres)

Easy-to-use aperture wheel with six different apertures (fixation star, large circle, small circle, red free filter, blue filter, semi circle)
High performance optics with aspherical condenser lens
Spectacle protection
Parallel optical path

Supplied as a two piece set in a protective space-saving bag
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Riester e-scope disposable specula Riester e-scope disposable specula
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