Omron M6 Comfort Upper Arm BPM (HEM-7321-E)


Omron M6 Comfort Upper Arm BPM (HEM-7321-E)



The all new Omron M6 Comfort with dual-sized Intelli Wrap cuff (22-42 cm)
Speedy measurement with intellisense controlled inflation and deflation
Measurement range indicator
Blood pressure colour indicator (Orange: High, Green: Ok)
Correct cuff wrapping indicator
Twin 100 measurement memory with date and time stamp
Averaging of last 3 measurements in memory
Weekly morning and evening everaging for previous 8 week period
Irregular Pulse Detection: shows if irregular pulses are detected and only displays reliable results
Supplied with dual-sized Intelli Wrap cuff (22-42cm), soft case and batteries
Mains adaptor optional
Clinically validated (BHS Approved International Protocol)
3 Year Warranty

clinically_validated easy_bp_level cuff_wrapping_guide morning_hypertension irregular_heartbeat_detection memory intelli_wrap_cuff



Product Note Status Price
Omron Mains Adapter UK (9983666-5) Omron Mains Adapter UK (9983666-5)
Omron Intelli Wrap Cuff 22-42 cm (HEM-FL31) Omron Intelli Wrap Cuff 22-42 cm (HEM-FL31)
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