A&D UX-100NFC Wellness Connected Kit

A&D UX-100NFC Wellness Connected Kit

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A&D UX-100NFC - The next generation in connected health technology, NFC is a simple to use wireless communication standard which transfers the measurement results to an NFC enabled smartphone(App required) or NFC enabled computer with transfer software.

A&D Wellness Connected NFC Kit comprising the following:

UC-324NFC Weighing Scale (Click here for more infomation)
UA-767NFC Blood Pressure Monitor (Click here for more infomation)
UW-101NFC Activity Monitor (Click here for more infomation)
FREE - UT-601 Ear Thermometer (Click here for more infomation)

NFC Data Transfer(smartphone with A&D Wellness Connected™ app):
NFC enabled smartphone and App required, currently Android only.
FREE A&D Wellness Connected™ app available from the Google Play store via the following link:
or by scanning the code below.



Simple transfer of displayed single measurement result in seconds.
Batch transfer all memory measurements when display is off.
Track measurements within the app as list or in graph form.
Optional measurement upload to Microsoft® HealthVault™.
NFC transfer and manual entry of blood pressure, weight, walking activity and manual entry of temperature in the same app.

NFC Data Transfer(PC): N.B. This funtionality is currently under development.
Windows PC with NFC inside or USB NFC dongle(available seperately).
Enable data transfer of memory content to Microsoft HealthVault via HealthVault Connection Centre.
More details to follow.

Microsoft® HealthVault™ is a free online service that helps you gather and store health information in one place. Visit www.HealthVault.co.uk to learn more.


connects with Microsoft HealthVault    


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