Service Department

Service Department

We are able to carry out servicing and repairs for all small diagnostic products in our current catalogue. For non-warranty repairs you will be notified of the cost prior to our carrying out any repair work. Please see below for more information.

1. Warranty. All products come with a manufacturer's warranty, beginning from the date of purchase and is a replacement / repair warranty. This is only subject to normal wear and tear; but wilful mishandling and other reasonable exclusions are not covered by the warranty, as detailed in the manufacturer's instruction manual, a copy of which is supplied with every machine.

2. Maintenance and Repairs. Regular maintenance of a technical nature other than calibration checking is not required for digital machines, which have been CE marked under Class 2(a). (However aneroid and mercury sphygmomanometers would normally have in-house quality procedures which may require at least annual calibration validation and testing.) The instruction manual, which is enclosed with all monitors, should be referred to for the causes and rectification of any general faults together with advice on cleaning, handling and storage. If the monitor still does not work please consult White Medical Customer Services for advice, or return the unit to them for repair or replacement. White Medical is quality accredited to ISO9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 and ISO14001:2004 (please see our Quality page). Under normal circumstances the unit should not be disassembled or repairs attempted on site. If this happens then your action will invalidate the warranty terms, and any subsequent repairs will not be covered by the warranty.

3. Accessories and Spares. These can be supplied ex-stock and the main consumable items are detailed on the accessories page for each manufacturer. All manufacturers consider that due to high in-company quality standards the main unit should be treated as a non-serviceable part. This is primarily because of the necessity of proper factory calibration after replacement of high-tech components. This means that repairs to the main unit will probably not be cost-effective bearing in mind the low replacement cost of products.

4. After-Sales White Medical is available at all times to give on-site and off-site advice with technical assistance when required. Basic checks, inspections and repairs can be done off-site or on-site according to any contractual arrangements with customers, and replacement loan machines can be made available if required.