Calibration Validation of BPM's

Calibration Validation of BPM's

In this context, MHRA have issued Medical Device Alerts  (December 2005 and July 2006) together with a Device Bulletin also in July 2006, all of which relate to Blood Pressure Measurement Devices.

These should be referred to for their full recommendations.

Briefly, all automatic/oscillometric monitors should be calibrated within 2 years of purchase, and yearly thereafter. (This is subject only to the manufacturers’ own specific recommendations). With manual sphygmomanometers, any mercury devices should be checked at least annually and aneroid devices at least twice a year.

When requested, White Medical will carry out a calibration validation plus function and accuracy check with a UKAS calibrated specialised test machine, either at their premises in Rugby or at the customer's site, on request. All types of monitors (digital, mercury & aneroid) can be tested, with our in-house specialised test equipment or as laid down by the respective manufacturers.

BPM's sent into White Medical are subject to a standard charge, which includes the calibration validation, function check & minor repairs; (for major repairs we will contact you prior to carrying out any work regarding the extra cost). With off-site calibration validation the cost will be dependent on the number of monitors and the travelling distance.  Our Certification of the calibration validation procedure importantly provides the customer with added protection for Liability Insurance purposes and any other potential legal claims.

Calibration Validation per monitor by post.

£20.00 +VAT

Calibration Validation per monitor at customer’s site. Minimum call out fee of £100 +VAT, which includes the first 5 monitors. Quantities of 20+? Please call 01788 553904 for a quotation. Only applies to England & Wales.

£20.00 +VAT

In line with our stringent quality standards, we ensure that when each blood pressure monitor is tested the following procedures will be adhered to:

1) Our engineer will perform the Calibration Validation using test machines properly calibrated by a UKAS accredited testing house.

2) Each monitor which is tested by us, is issued with the following:

a) A calibration validation certificate, which shows all test results. b) A Pass/Fail sticker which is placed on the monitor with the test result, certificate number and due date for the next test.

3) Each customer centre is issued with a worksheet, which summarises all the work carried out.

Please contact us, call 01788 553904 or e-mail for more information.

N.B. Whilst we can check mercury sphygmomanometers we no longer offer a waste mercury disposal service.